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by Kathy Kale on 02/17/14

Welcome to Kathy Kale's Blog. Since I first started blogging about the economy, I have written another novel on health care and republished a novel on the plague written a decade ago. Due to my expanded area of interest, I've created a new blog (this blog) and will move my previous posts from Gold Street News here. Below you will find my first blog published on Tuesday October 16, 2012:

I’m not an economist, so this isn't going to be too technical or advanced. I started studying our banking policy after the 2008 meltdown. I was so disturbed by what I learned, I had to do something. I wrote a novel, Gold Street, detailing how our monetary system works. This isn't taught in Economics 101 at university. When monetary theory is mentioned at all, it is so dry, so long-winded, and made so complicated, it’s nearly undecipherable. But it’s not that difficult to understand. I thought if I sprinkled economics into a fast-moving thriller, I could engage readers with a story that would culminate not only with a climax, but also an understanding of the U.S. economy. (Gold Street is available on Amazon and currently has a five-star rating.) I am writing this blog to raise awareness on how our economy works. To this end, I’m going to examine current and past events that are directly or indirectly related to the use, production, and control of money in this country. I invite you to join me and discover how our economy really works. http://www.kathykale.com/Gold-Street-book.html

At Kathy Kale’s Blog you will find her opinions on current events, especially as they relate to the abuse of government power, ruinous economic policy, and the disastrous, corrupt health industry.

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